The OPUS Story

Here at OPUS we are proud of our invention, proud of our innovation, proud of our development and proud of our continued improvement. OPUS is part of Purple Line. The Purple Line slogan helps you understand exactly what we do here at OPUS. Design… Innovate… Improve. Purple Line have been designing, innovating and improving within the caravan accessory market for many years, and here is just how that ethos helped in the creation of OPUS.

It all started with a conversation between colleagues over a morning coffee in the Purple Line office, where Jonathan Schofield (Sales Director) and Stuart Barrow (Product Design Manager) stumbled upon a stark realisation - the issue with making the best accessories in the caravan market is that it doesn't matter how good they are, people without a caravan don't need them.

So in a country with 25 million people and roughly 13 million cars we are designing, innovating and improving for only 200,000 people, caravaners. That is less than 1% of the population.

They decided that we needed a new product that we could offer to anyone with a car, an adventurous spirit and the desire to get out into the great outdoors with their family and with their mates.

Once that decision had been made, the time to design and innovate was upon them. The first question to be answered was: "What is wrong with a caravan?". Here are their answers:

  1. Most caravans are at least 20ft long, which does not make for an easy, universal towing experience.
  2. Many caravans lack the refinement of modern interior design; dowdy curtains, wardrobes and low ceilings are often the norm.
  3. Owning a large caravan creates a storage problem for the owner for most of the year. You either keep your "large white box" in front of your house, or you pay excessive storage charges elsewhere.

From those simple answers it was decided that what was required was a product that:

  1. Was small to tow like a trailer,
  2. Opened up into something big like a large size caravan,
  3. Had a high ceiling and was bathed in natural light,
  4. Had an interior more akin to a top end yacht than a caravan, and
  5. Was for everyone, to be taken anywhere, at any time

So the two of them went away and over the next couple of days put together some initial ideas. The sketches shown below are the original sketches.

And that was the conception of OPUS...